Get to know how we operate with regards to margins and leverage

Margin & Leverage

Leverage / Margin Requirements

Alfa crown offers a 1:100 margin; we may also offer a 1:200 leverage based on the case but XAUUSD is always 1:100 leverage independent of the accounts leverage settings.

Margin Call / Stop Out Levels

Margin call is at 120% of margin level and the margin stop out is at 100% of the margin level.
It is crucial to know that in the occurrence of a market gap the margin stop is not guaranteed to protect an account from experiencing a negative balance. The greater the exposure of an account the higher the risk of the occurrence of a negative balance.
Margin level% = free equity/used margin * 100
The margin level % is the ratio of equity to used margin depicted as a percentage. This calculation is very crucial due to the reason that it presents the quantity of equity available to cover the used margin.
If the margin level goes under 120% the terminal will be shown as red as a sign of warning. If the margin level is under 100%, traders will not be allowed to make free up margin.

Margin Calls and Stop Outs

In MT5, Margin call is at 120% margin level. The level of margin is calculated by equity divided by used margin. It is suggested that you must both seal off positions to unencumbered margin or add extra funds to extend accessible margin.
Stop out happens when margin degree reaches 100%. Because equity is divided by used margin equals 1. That is to say equity has dropped very low and it equals the used margin. For instance, should you possess $5,000 balance, $500 margin and a -$4,500 sustained loss leading to $500 operating equity.
Equity divided by margin = %$500/500 = 1 or 100%
Accounts will go under zero and into a negative balance once margin level is below 100%. Thus, this indicates that equity is less than the margin. This occurrence can be recurrent with a market gap.
Calculating required margin for traders and silver margin requires = volume in lots x contract size x margin requirement.
The contract size for and silver is 100,000 turned into account denomination.

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